Project Overview

Phase 2

Phase 2 Timeline

Phase 2 Scope

  • eRA system implementation – Huron Research Suite
  • PeopleSoft Grants module implementation
  • Huron Grants & PeopleSoft Grants Integration
  • Change Management
  • Training

FSS Projects Related to Wahoo

  • FSS Chart of Accounts Redesign
  • PeopleSoft Grants Implementation

Phase 3 Scope

  • eRA System Implementation and PeopleSoft integration
  • Change Management
  • Training initiatives

IRB Project

IRB Project Timeline

Important Information

  • What is it?

    The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is established to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects involved in UCF research activities being conducted under its authority. Huron IRB will replace the existing iRIS system.

  • Why is it important?

    Migrating from iRIS to Huron IRB will provide ease of use for Principle Investigators, reviewers, IRB Staff, and IRB Committee Members to complete actions within the system. The reporting and metrics from Huron IRB are more advanced and will provide better insight into submission details. Improvements to routing, business processes, and committee review will make IRB submissions more efficient.

  • When will it be implemented?

    Go Live is planned for December 21, 2018. The decision to implement the IRB module of the Huron Research Suite first was made based on the timing of the Common Rule regulations changes (set for January 2019), the scope of IRB, and the Huron upgrade schedule (scheduled for 2020).


Grants and Agreements Project

Project Teams

Executive Sponsor

Own the vision and lead the cultural change

  • Dr. Elizabeth Klonoff


Co-own the vision, co-lead the cultural change, and guide the direction, integration and results
  • Dr. Ozlem Garibay

Business Owner

Shape the solution and ensure business requirements are met

  • Dorothy Yates

Steering Committee

Provide advice & ensure project delivery by defining outcomes
  • Dorothy Yates
  • Dr. Joel Hartman
  • Rebecca Vilsack
  • Dr. Ivan Garibay
  • Michael Sink
  • Tracy Clark
  • Dr. Debra Reinhart

Functional Leads

  • Dr. Debbie Altomare
  • Doug Backman
  • Michelle Greco
  • Dr. Jennifer Shambrook

Core Team

Responsible for day-to-day leadership

  • Dr. Ozlem Garibay
  • Chad Macuszonok
  • Chris Meholic
  • Doug Bauman (Huron)
  • Alan Dull (Huron)

Change Management

Organizational readiness

  • Dr. Susie Sedwick (Attain)

Business Analysts

  • Christine Silver
  • Nick Rufrano

Project Manager

Ensures core team is fully engaged throughout the project; Sets and tracks project plans
  • Chris Meholic

Technical Team

  • Shafaq Chaudhry
  • Jason Kuhns
  • Raghu Avula
  • Ezequiel Gioia
Expanded Project Team and Participants



Public Documentation


Presentation Exceptional Funding

Project Kickoff Meeting

Attain Consulting Kickoff

eRA Selection Committee

eRA System ITN

eRA Requirements Matrix

IRB System and Toolkit Updates

IRB Training Documents

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